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Preparing for the 2010 NASC Sports Marketplace

March 31, 2010

The following tips should help to make your NASC Sports Marketplace experience a successful one.  Pre-scheduled appointments allow you to prepare for each client on an individual basis and be confident on your presentation.  Remember, “Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail”.

1.    Create a Sell Sheet for your appointments.  Sell Sheets should include information about your city and your organizations services.
2.    Customize a Fact Sheet for each appointment to use as an information-gathering tool.  This would include client’s organization, contact information and all event information.
3.    Know the limitations of your organization and what you Can and Cannot Do for the client.
4.    Educate yourself, not only on the client, but also on what you are attempting to sell the client.
5.    Do not overwhelm the client with materials.  Send any information when follow-up is done (No later than seven days after Symposium).
6.    Give a business card and get a business card.
Leave the conference with contact information for as many colleagues as
possible to grow your network in the sports event industry.

See you in Columbus……..

About the Guest Contributor: Jeffrey M. John, CSEE is the Senior Sales Manager for the Greater Columbus Sports Commission.
Presently working closely with NCAA, Big Ten, NHL and Ohio High School
Athletic Association.  Currently serving on the NASC Member Mentoring
Committee, Awards Nomination Committee and Meetings Committee.  Jeffrey
has attended eight Symposiums, representing small market CVB’s and
large market Sports Commissions.