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Symposium Education Session Videos Now Available

July 13, 2010

Video recordings from education sessions that were on the program at the NASC Sports Event Symposium in April are now available through the NASC Learning Center.  The session that are now part of the video library include:

  • How Green is Your Event
  • Risk Management
  • Social Media: How to Stay On Top of Your “Game”
  • Room Nights – Strategies to Capture and Track
  • Teaming for Success with Parks and Recreation
These five new videos are a fantastic addition to an already impressive catalog of thousands of videos on important business topics including leadership, strategic planning, marketing and sales

To view any of the Symposium

education sessions, a one-year subscription to the NASC Learning

Center, powered by WealthBridge Connect, is required.  Subscriptions

are only $150 per calendar year. Subscribe now. (login required)


Maybe You Really Do Need To “…Know That…!”

July 8, 2010

There are two things that drive me crazy in our
industry.   The first involves hotels
that say, “We didn’t get any business,” when we know they did.  The other maddening item (and the reason for
this article—is when someone in our business says, “I don’t need to know

I realize I cannot control what our hotels may say or
think.  Let’s hope, however, I can at
least make the case to you doubters out there that maybe you really do need to
“…know that…!”

The NASC offers many peer-driven ways to help us learn and
hone our skills in the industry.  These
start with just getting involved in the association.  You can also build on your involvement
through enrollment and participation in the professional development programs
offered by the NASC.

There are many reasons to take advantage of your
association’s programs—no matter where you might be in your career.  Let’s start with the obvious.

None of us know everything.

The longer I’m on this planet the truer that statement
rings.  I have personal goals each day to
learn something new or a nuance on something I am familiar with. .  Learning new things keeps me sharp, provides
depth to understanding complex issues, and opens up solutions to previously
unsolved problems.  New ideas and insight
of others also help me avoid complacency.
New things allow for personal growth.

Learning things that don’t appear relevant today is just
like investing money.  What you learn
today might at first seem miniscule or unimportant.  It’s later, when you find yourself in a
leadership position that once seemingly mundane ideas such as risk management,
employee relations, contract negotiations, budgeting, etc. begin to pay

One of the barriers to my goal of learning daily has been
finding convenient sources that work for me.
The NASC has worked for nearly twenty years now on ways to meet this
need.  Your peers and association staff
have developed an array of choices for all members.  Some are provided without the need for
additional investment beyond your time.
Others require reasonable fees but offer expanded levels of professional
development recognition.  None of these
are static and all are constantly being reviewed by your peers.  Here are some of the opportunities available to
NASC members:

The NASC Website
offers a robust library of articles, research, contact information, taped or
transcribed discussions and educational sessions.  It’s also a source of events up for bid, job
postings, and updates for activities of interest in our association.

Webinars offer
topics that you and your peers suggest and very often provide enlightening
solutions to real time challenges from knowledgeable sources.  These offer you opportunities to ask
questions you want addressed—questions that are timely and important to you.

Committees are
great ways to learn by doing.  Committees
offer you a chance to closely collaborate with peers and hear their ideas and solutions that may one day apply to a
challenge you will face. These committees also offer the first step toward NASC
leadership opportunities.

The Certified Sports
Event Executive Program
is the oldest cog in the NASC’s professional
development program.  Established in
2002, the program is held twice a year, once in conjunction with the NASC
Sports Event Symposium and the other at the TEAMS Conference.  In the CSEE program, specifics about creating
housing bureaus, managing events, evaluating events for bidding, and issues of
organizational management are covered in detail, a topic at a time.

Currently, each module requires a $250 fee and attendance at
one of these two sessions.  You can also
complete an online module.  Once you are
certified you need to maintain certification by completing one module per year
at the symposium or TEAMS or, now, utilizing an online component through the
NASC Learning Center.

The NASC Learning
powered by WealthBridge Connect, offers an inexpensive way of
seeing and hearing some of the best motivational speakers and trainers on
hundreds of topics.  For only $150/year
you can pick subjects with unlimited access.
Expect more industry-specific learning opportunities from our on-line
service as more members register.

Market Segment
held in the fall and during the NASC Sports Event Symposium are
popular “shirt sleeve” roundtable discussions with peers from markets similar
to yours.  Though some of our problems
and challenges are the same no matter the market, the chance to delve into
issues with our peers has been very popular. The session held during Symposium is
included as part of your registration and the one held in the fall has a very
small fee.

The NASC Sports Event
offers ways to learn new things from your industry peers and to
share your knowledge as well.  The
Symposium, which requires a registration fee, offers educational sessions,
discussions, private meetings, site visits and face-to-face ways to learn more
about our industry, changes we face, and new ideas…not to mention mast of
your meals and some great social events!

Take a close look at these programs. Take advantage of what
they have to offer. You are certain to find value in them now or in the very
near future.

Jack Signature

Hughes Jack_websiteAbout the Guest Contributor
Jack Hughes is the Executive Director of the Gainesville Sports
Commission (GSC), the 20-plus- year-old sports commission formerly
known as the Gainesville Sports Organizing Committee. The GSC works
closely with its tourism partner, VisitGainesville to host as many as
40 sports events annually.Prior to this he served as the
Gainesville/Hall County (Georgia) Sports Council and CVB. His more than
25-year resume includes the 1996 Atlanta Paralympics, the Centennial
Olympic Games, three Olympic Festivals, 1993 World University Games,
the US National Hot Air Balloon Championship and the original Earth
Day. Hughes is a Certified Sports Event Executive (CSEE) and served as
the Chair of the NASC in 2008-2009.