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Nine Ways to Achieve Maximum Success At the 2011 NASC Sports Event Symposium

March 15, 2011

In today’s environment of generating business from an existing client base and recognizing new opportunities, the basic principle of relationship building and maintenance is important to continue on a daily basis.

As with any successful plan, advance preparation, due diligence and knowing the individual target is critical to increase chances of success and achieve the goals and objectives of your sports commission, CVB, event or product/service.

1.    What is it you want to do
2.    What is it going to cost
3.    Where will the revenue stream flow are basic questions that may guide any effort
4.     As the evaluation process proceeds, ask yourself what is it that sets your organization apart from any competition-is it your venue inventory, the saleability of your event, or the product/service selection that may be of interest to your market.

As you plan for the upcoming Symposium in Greensboro, remember some plan is better than no plan. The more detailed the plan is, the greater the possibilities of success. Make the plan, craft winning e-mails, make Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-In part of your marketing plan.

To Achieve Maximum Success in Greensboro, consider these steps:
•    Prepare-where does your job description and responsibilities mesh with NASC Programming in Greensboro.
•    Plan to attend sessions that complement your home responsibilities
•    Participate in education opportunities that allow you to do your job effectively and efficiently.
•    Expand your sphere by branching into new areas.
•    Network with your peers and potential new customers.
•    Attend and seek appointments in the NASC Marketplace.
•    Consider, if you have not done so, enrolling in the CSEE Program
•    Be familiar with NASC Best Practices and suppliers to the Sports Event Industry
•    Have Fun!

Hilb_web site Jim Hilb, Associated Premium Corporation.  Jim Hilb, Associated Premium Corporation, has 26 years of experience in the premium and promotional products industry. His areas of focus include product branding, sports marketing, sports event and venue promotions, awards, recognition, event marketing, and organization recognition. This has included coordination with sponsor involvement in the overall event experience. Besides product placement, Jim has contributed his expertise in strategic planning and development and the financial impact of premium usage and placement. Jim is the Allied Representative on the NASC Board of Directors and has served on NASC Marketing, Meetings, Mentoring, Awards and Nominating Committees. He is President of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Wisconsin Alumni Association which serves over 1200 Wisconsin Alumni in the Cincinnati Metropolitan Area.


2011 NASC Sports Event Symposium Scheduled for Greensboro, NC April 12-14

March 4, 2011

2011 NASC SES Logo_for web It is almost time for Greensboro and the 2011 NASC Sports Event Symposium. Your Cincinnati staff has been busy adjusting the schedule and topics to your suggestions since last summer. Now, the pace quickens!

I’d like to highlight several points:

  • The Certified Sports Event Executive program features the final of three installments from the Disney Institute: Brand Loyalty and Customer Service: Disney Style. If ever there was a CSEE program worthy of an extra $250 it is this one! For those of us deeply involved in the CSEE Program we have been waiting for this session for two years. There cannot be any debate over the importance of branding and customer service. We invite all members to join us!
  • Our educational sessions have been designed for host organizations and event owners. You will find subjects of great value on the program. I must tell you that we are hearing more and more instances of the lack of due diligence in negotiations between potential hosts and owners of events. Perhaps this was inevitable: our industry has grown so quickly that mistakes are bound to be made. Unfortunately, most of those we hear about are preventable.

This year’s sessions are designed to help all parties do a better job serving the needs of the participants in each event. It is, after all, it’s about them.

  • The NASC Sports Marketplace looks, at this writing, bigger than ever.  View a list of registered attendees. We know you like that, and have worked very hard to increase the number of event owner members of the NASC. The more members we have, the more will attend the marketplace. There are a few important items I wish to stress:

First, you will have more than three weeks to request your appointments! This is a full week more than last year.

Second, be sure to go to the NASC web site and make sure your profile says exactly what you want it to say. That profile will be used by host organizations and event owners to evaluate an appointment.

Third, you will receive your list of appointments two weeks before Symposium! Use this time to prepare for your meetings! Be certain you understand what each other needs and if you can meet those requirements. If this sounds like a parallel to our personal lives, it probably is: a new relationship will be as productive as advance preparation makes possible. And, lasting relationships are always based on true connections, not smoke and mirrors. It is a reliance on this latter temptation that can lead to difficulty. OK, Dr. Don…enough already!

Finally, please refer to the NASC Symposium website for answers to your questions! We established this website because the details of the event had become involved enough that a separate site was needed. After answering some questions a few days ago I asked the member if they were aware of the website. The answer was, “I only know about the one where I sign in.” So, if you are in need of up-to-date information on Greensboro, please go to


See you in Greensboro!


Donald G. Schumacher, CSEE
Executive Director
National Association of Sports Commissions