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Growth Opportunties in the Sports Event Industry

March 27, 2012

Host communities are wise to look for non-traditional sports. Kevin Smith of the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Sports Commission makes a number of interesting observations on what some of these opportunities can be.

Sports Legacy Fund Enriches Host Communities of NASC Sports Event Symposium

March 23, 2012

The Sports Legacy Fund was created with the purpose to enrich each community that we visit during the NASC  Sports Event Symposium.  Each of these communities has welcomed us with open arms and allows us to enjoy the many things each destination has to offer.  The NASC continues to be a leader in an industry that is rewarding both on and off of the field. To date we have provided equipment or funding with host communities in Dallas, Omaha, Denver, Columbus and Greensboro.

With the help of our community host in Hartford, we have been able to identify the Nutmeg State Games of Hartford as the recipient of the Sports Legacy Fund donation.  Each year we challenge our colleagues to make the communities we travel to as a collective group even better, for the right reasons, as well as investing in our own industry.  We have received a variety of new and used sports equipment and included cash donations to support community programs.  It is as simple as each of us bringing in just one item to help with the fundraising auction. What a significant difference we can leave to a community and to our own industry.

With less than 30 days to our Symposium, we still need your help.  Please commit to sending at least one item for the fundraiser auction or one piece of used equipment to be donated.  Donation forms are on the NASC website and a wish list of items can be found there as well.  Let’s continue our Legacy.

We look forward to seeing and meeting with each of you at the Symposium and proud to share in our efforts.


Kevin B. Smith, CSEE

Director of Sports, St. Petersburg/Clearwater Sports Commission

Chair, NASC Sports Legacy Fund

Partnerships with a Host City and Sporting Events

March 22, 2012

Much has been said about the importance of community support when bidding on events. Listen and watch as Gary Alexander of the Nashville Sports Council describes just how they work with the city and other organizations to support their events, both big and small.

NASC Announces Sports Travel Industry Whitepaper

March 13, 2012

Cincinnati, OH March 13, 2012. The National Association of Sports Commissions is pleased to announce the availability of a new report on the industry.

Download the report now.

This report describes the sports event (and travel) industry. Roles of the key players are discussed: sports commissions, convention and visitors bureaus, event owners, the bid process, and accommodations and the importance of having the right kinds and quantities of facilities are all covered.

It is hoped that the roles of each industry player, the hospitality industry, and sports facilities will be clearly understood. The report will be of particular value to newcomers and those wishing to appreciate the strengths of sports commissions and convention bureaus and the different purposes they can represent.

There is also a section on the bid process which is suggests the strongest possible approach is to combine the strengths of your community into each invitation to select the destination.

For more information on the report or on other facets of the industry please contact the National Association of Sports Commissions at 513.281.3888 or visit