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NASC Wraps Up 2012 Symposium in Hartford, CT

April 19, 2012

It’s a wrap! We’ve just wrapped up the 2012 Symposium of the National Association of Sports Commissions hosted here in Hartford, Connecticut. Thank you to Team Hartford for their outstanding hospitality and beautiful weather all week.

Louisville to Host 2013 Symposium

Next year, NASC will travel to Louisville for the annual Symposium April 22-25. Home of the Kentucky Derby, the Bourbon Trail and numerous sporting events, here’s a quick video preview from Karl Schmitt, executive director at the Louisville Sports Commission.  <Link:>

Congratulations to 2012 Award Winners

Today, industry honors were awarded at the Symposium. Those winning awards were: Member of the Year Category, under $100,000, Lake Charles/Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau; $100,000 to $300,000, Sarasota County Sports Commission; over $300,000, Phoenix Regional Sports Commission.

In the category of Outstanding Locally Created Event/Program, $100,000-$300,000, Rochester Amateur Sports Commission; over $300,000 Richmond Sports Backers. Outstanding Web Presence winners, under $100,000; Columbia (SC) Regional Sports Council; $100,000-$300,000, Greater Lansing Sports Authority; over $300,000, Greater Cleveland Sports Commission.

And in the category of Outstanding Marketing Campaign, under $100,000, Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau; $100,000-$300,000, Rhode Island Sports Commission, and over $300,000, Greater Columbus Sports Commission.

Numerous NASC Members take home an iPad

About a dozen iPads were given away to Symposium attendees this week. Winners were chosen by emcee Jon Petz for a variety of reasons from engaging with others, winning an ice cream eating contest or doing the “worm” on the floor of the NASC Market Place. And as you know, the “worm” always wins. <Link:>

We look forward to seeing you next year in Louisville!

Tomorrow’s News, Today (NASC Sports Event Symposium, 04/18/12)

April 19, 2012


Each day of the 2012 National Association of Sports Commissions Annual Symposium, we will publish a daily blog with highlights from the programs and activities.

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“Heard” on the Show Floor

Talty O’Connor kicked off the day with some impressive numbers on the state of the sports industry. The number of U.S. Sports events grew by 8% in 2011, according to its research, but perhaps more startling, 7 of 10 youngsters quit sports before the age of 14. If the sports industry can find a way to cut that number to even 5 out of 10, the sports events industry would grow by $2 billion a year. Speaking of youth sports, just over 2% of high schools now offer physical education classes.

Keynote Speaker

The NASC welcomed ESPN’s Karl Ravech as the luncheon speaker, highlighting his time atBaseball Tonight but also talking about how sports affects so many lives. “Sports is reality television, but it’s real,” Ravech reminded the conference crowd. The one example he gave: Last year, one of the Little League World Series games drew a crowd of 41,848, a larger crowd than many MLB games.

Ravech also talked about sports branding, and how it relates to ESPN. “We try to create ‘YouTube’ moments,” he said, “looking for ways of how we can ‘trend’ that day in social media. Understanding those moments make us better.”

Ice Cream for iPad?

Our emcee Jon Petz created an impromtu competitive eating event in a break during yesterday’s meeting. Check out the video on our Facebook page @NationalAssociationofSportsCommisions.

Coming Up

As the NASC Symposium comes to an end, Thursday will be awards day as the top sports organizations will be recognized for their work. Join us for an exciting day at the NASC Symposium!

Tomorrow’s News, Today (2012 NASC Sports Event Symposium – 4/17/12)

April 17, 2012

Each day of the 2012 National Association of Sports Commissions Annual Symposium, we will publish a daily blog with highlights from the programs and activities.

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“Heard” on the Show Floor

“Business is good, and it’s getting better.”                         

At the general session to kick off the NASC Sports Event Symposium, Executive Director Don Schumacher gave a strong report on how the sports event business is faring. The top five issues in the last 20 years of the NASC continue to be: Education, Funding, Return on Investment, Facilities and Creating Events.

Don also talked about new partnerships between the NASC and two universities, Ohio University and the University of Arizona. Key findings from those studies include visitor spending to sporting events was a $7.68 billion industry last year, 6.5 percent above 2010. The number of events increased 10.5 percent with estimated visitors numbering some 24 million.

In addition, the University of Arizona study found that direct spending per person, per day, at these events average nearly $209 dollars, showing that sports events continue to be a growth industry throughout the nation.

During the general session, the site selection committee for future NASC spots announced that Oklahoma City, in 2014, and Milwaukee in 2015 will be the hosts, with bids for 2016 and 2017 opening during the summer of 2013.

New Board Members

The NASC also said goodbye to Tara Green, at least in the role of head of the NASC board, and hello to the new board members, including:


Immediate Past Chair                     Tara Green, CSEE, American Airlines Center

Chair                                                      Gary Alexander, Nashville Sports Council

Vice Chair/Chair Elect                     Terry Hasseltine, CSEE, Maryland Office of Sports Marketing

Treasurer                                            Kevin Smith, CSEE, St. Petersburg/Clearwater Sports Commission

Secretary                                             Greg Ayers, CSEE, Discover Kalamazoo (NEW TERM)

Board Term Expiring 2013
Jennifer Hawkins, CSEE, VisitPittsburgh
Mary Lee Malmberg, CSEE, Cedar Rapids Area CVB
Ralph Morton, CSEE, Seattle Sports Commission
Marc Zimmerman, Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing

Board Term Expiring 2014
Mike Anderson, CSEE, Visit Charlotte
Jim Dietz, Columbus Indiana Visitors Center
Mike Guswiler, West Michigan Sports Commission
Ed Hruska, CSEE, Rochester Amateur Sports Commission

Board Term Expiring 2015

Tammy Dunn, CSEE, Snohomish County Sports Commission (NEW TERM)
Greg Fante, CSEE, Louisville Sports Commission (NEW TERM)
Kindra Fry, CSEE, Bryan-College Station CVB (NEW TERM)
Nancy Yawn, CSEE, Round Rock CVB (NEW TERM)

Allied Representatives
Board Term Expiring 2013
Jim Hilb, Associated Premium Corporation

Board Term Expiring 2014
Lou Mengsol, Innovations Consulting (NEW TERM)

Rights Holder Representatives
Board Term Expiring 2013
Gary Beck, Killer ‘B’ Promotions

Board Term Expiring 2014
John David, USA BMX (NEW TERM)

Coming Up Tomorrow: See ESPN’s Karl Ravech

The Sports Marketplace kicks into high gear, and the keynote luncheon will be held Wednesday with guest speaker, ESPN’s Karl Ravech. And don’t forget to stop by our Social Media lounge and tell us why you’re here at NASC-we have fabulous prizes selected especially for you, if you’re one of the first 10 to visit!

Tomorrow’s News, Today (2012 NASC Sports Event Symposium – 4/16/12)

April 17, 2012

Each day of the 2012 National Association of Sports Commissions Annual Symposium, we will publish a daily blog with highlights from the programs and activities.

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“Heard” on the Show Floor

“Passion and Perseverance” by Paul Assaiante, Trinity Squash Head Coach Passion and Perseverance: Those are the two words that describe Trinity Squash Head Coach Paul Assaiante, and two messages that he conveyed during the CSEE (Certified Sports Event Executive) Spring 2012 Module discussion that helped kick off the National Association of Sports Commissions Sports Event Symposium this week in Hartford, Connecticut. Coach Assaiante and his men’s squash team at Trinity just came off a 13th consecutive perfect season in 2010-2011. A 14th perfect season ended this year with a 5-4 loss to Yale, the first team to defeat Trinity in 252 matches, a streak that goes back to 1998. That winning streak is the longest in intercollegiate records. Assaiante’s message to CSEE attendees was a simple one: If you have the passion and perseverance to do something that you like, you can achieve anything. Using the example of a duck that looks calm on the surface of the pond but is paddling furiously below the waterline, he mentioned a match when his Trinity squash team was losing to a rival. “I’m thinking Chinese,” he told his team during a timeout. When they didn’t quite understand what he was saying, he said again, “After this match, I think we should go for Chinese.” The message? When the leader is calm, everyone else around them will be calm as well. The team went on to win the match.

Industry News: Sponsorship The Spring Module for the Certified Sports Event Executive (CSEE) program today discussed sponsorship trends and was led by Jim Kahler from Ohio University Sports Administration and AJ Maestas from Navigate Research. With sponsorship fees totaling $17 billion in North America last year, it was a hot topic among the 200+ in attendance. “We’re all in the business of selling or persuading,” said NASC’s Executive Director Don Schumacher. “In our industry, those of you that can sell have tremendous value in your organization.” Kahler and Maestas shared the top 14 reasons for why companies sponsor events according to IEG. They include: 1) Increase brand loyalty among customers 2) Create Awareness and Visibility 3) Change/reinforce image 4) Drive Retail Traffic 5) Showcase community responsibility 6) Drive sales 7) Sample/display brand attributes 8) Entertain clients 9) Narrowcasting 10) Recruit/Retain employees 11) Incenting retailers, dealers and distributors with pass-through rights 12) Differentiate product from competitors 13) Combat ad budgets of larger competitors 14) Achievement of multiple objectives The CSEE Program is a certification program open only to NASC members. Since its inception, the NASC has been dedicated to raising the standards of professionalism in the industry. The NASC Staff and Professional Development Committee assist presenters in preparing sessions and case studies to ensure that the needs and concerns of the sports event industry are addressed. Members may enroll in the program at anytime. CSEE participants are provided with cutting edge knowledge about topics based on the CSEE Core Curriculum during modules held twice per year. Modules cover a variety of topics that increase participants efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace and enable them to earn the designation as a “Certified Sports Event Executive.” Modules are fours hours in length and include both instruction and practical application. To learn more, visit

Congratulations to the CSEE Graduates The following NASC members will be recognized at Symposium for their completion of the Certified Sports Event Executive program. Congratulations to all!

Jay Allen, Chicago Southland Convention & Visitors Bureau

Heath Aucoin, Jackson Convention Complex

Demp Bradford, Greensboro Sports Commission

KP Clements, Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing

Tom Coleman, Central Wisconsin/Stevens Point Area Sports Commission

Randy DuTeau, Augusta Sports Council Eric Engelbarts II, West Michigan Sports Commission

Michelle Fakler, CMP, Discover Kalamazoo

David Gyza, Valley Forge Convention and Visitors Bureau

Jim Hilb, Associated Premium Corporation

Sue Hollenbeck, Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau

Dallas Howard, Clermont County Ohio Convention and Visitors Bureau

Ray Hoyt, Tulsa Sports Commission

 Troy Killian, Louisville Sports Commission

John Larsen, Rochester Amateur Sports Commission

 Jennifer Miles, Amateur Athletic Union of the United States

Monica Paul, Dallas CVB Sports

Scott Powers, Columbia (SC) Regional Sports Council

Jason Puckett, Sarasota County Sports Commission

Holly Shelton, Oklahoma City Convention & Visitors Bureau

Linda Smith, Warren County Convention & Visitors Bureau

Kelly Wells, Shreveport-Bossier Convention and Tourist Bureau

Marc Zimmerman, Central Florida’s Polk County Sports Marketing