Exceed Your Participants Expectations

Despite the quality educational opportunities that are offered at the NASC Symposium, the questions most asked to members are: how did your appointments go? Did you get any leads? Any good RFP’s out there?  In general, the majority of focus is on selling: the rights holders on selling their events to cities and the cities on selling their destination to the right event.

This session looks to change that by focusing on building event partnerships that exceed the expectations of the participants and ultimately increase the ROI of the event for all parties involved.  The goal of the session is to extend the client relationships beyond sales and into the event management process that starts after the contracts are signed and the sales manager for a destination hands over the client to the services manager/ local organizing committee.

The sales/event management turnover process is critical to the success of an event and is a cornerstone to a positive partnership between a destination and an event.  By clearly communicating their expectations and predetermining shared goals for the event, the stakeholders can develop a model where everyone archives success post event.

Beth Porreca, US Lacrosse; John David, USA BMX; Jamie Patrick, Madison Area Sports Commission

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