February’s Featured Member Benefit – Active Member Mentoring

Last week we introduced Member Mentoring as the Featured Benefit of the Month. This week we put the spotlight on how our Active Members use the mentoring committee. Mary Lee Malmberg is an Active member who currently serves on the
Mentoring Committee. She reflects upon her early experiences with her mentor and how Active members of all experience levels can use this NASC service.

“The Member Mentoring Committee is available to all members of NASC regardless of their years of experience in the industry! Many of our members volunteered to serve on this committee because someone else helped them when
they needed advice and assistance. The majority of questions we receive are from individuals new to the sports travel industry. Questions range from “what can I expect to get out of Symposium” to “who should serve on my
sports committee.”

When I was new to the industry I was mentored by Denny Gann, one of the founding members of NASC. I was preparing my first proposal for a national tournament and Denny kindly reviewed my work and made suggestions to make the
bid stronger. The story has a happy ending because Cedar Rapids was awarded the tournament! I have always appreciated the insight and help a fellow NASC member gave me!

The CVB and Sports Commission members serving on NASC’s Member Mentoring Committee have many combined years of industry experience. We are here to answer questions, provide advice, brainstorm or lend an understanding ear to
inquiring minds from small or large organizations regardless of years of experience!”

Mary Lee Malmberg
CSEE, Director of Sports Tourism
Cedar Rapids Area Convention & Visitors Bureau

Whether you’re a brand new member wanting advice about the Symposium or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a second set of eyes on a proposal, the Mentoring Committee is here to help. Take a look at the committee roster and reach out today!


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