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Two Super Bowls and Two Super Women!

January 24, 2012

Wow! Two straight Super Bowls and two straight female NASC member executives! If ever there was a doubt whether women could succeed in the sports event industry (there wasn’t) those doubts were put to rest in Dallas and for this year in Indianapolis.

Don Schumacher, Executive Director of NASC, interviews Tara Green, Chief Revenue Officer for American Airlines Center and current NASC chair, who was the COO for Super Bowl XLV.

Tara Green, current chair of the NASC, was Chief Operating Officer last year. She worked for the host committee for three years and spent six months on the bid. As you will remember, all they had to overcome was everything usual plus dealing with a new building, temporary seating, and a modest little ice storm!

Allison Melangton has been President and CEO of this year’s event since 2008! Before that she was with the Indiana Sports Corporation and USA Gymnastics.

Congratulations to two outstanding executives, and power to the women of the NASC!

We men think multi-tasking is walking and talking. Sorry, guys.

– Don

Check out Don’s interview with Tara Green here:

Well-Designed Insurance Programs Are A Must For Your Events

May 31, 2011

Why is it that some people in our industry regard a discussion on insurance as something similar to getting a root canal? With apologies to the dental profession, root canals are no fun. But, in our industry, insurance is extraordinarily important…so much so that I cannot accept hearing a member say “I have nothing to do with our insurance.”

That may be true in terms of your job description, but your daily actions lead directly to the need for coverage for your employer and those with whom you hope to work.

In truth we must all be concerned. We should not be selling events to cities, cities should not be selling themselves as destinations, and our organizations themselves cannot exist without a fully thought through and designed insurance program and companion risk prevention program.

The NASC is very happy to be able to announce the launch of the NASC Insurance Program.

If you will go to the home page of our web site and click on the NASC Insurance Program button on the top left, you will discover what has just been launched. In cooperation with Rand Sports & Entertainment Insurance this program is now up and running.

Please make note of the fact that programs are available for:

  • General liability, accident and inland marine insurance
  • Sports teams and leagues
  • Youth baseball
  • Sports tournaments and events
  • Sports camps and clinics
  • Short-term special events
  • Vendors and exhibitors

If you are a bid city, event owner, or supplier one or more of these programs is perfect for you!

Many members assist local tournaments. These tournaments can now be covered! You have a very concrete service to offer them!

Event owners: there is an entire range of coverage available to you and your member clubs, organizations, and teams.

Active members: you can now purchase just about anything you need to protect yourselves and your events.

Check it out!!


Kind Regards