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Youth Sports and the Courts

December 11, 2014

No, not the kind of courts you play on. A Phoenix youth baseball player is learning the hard way about the American legal system, and how youth sports works.

Greg Bozinovich is a 12-year-old baseball player whose father was hurt at a ball park. His dad filed a personal injury lawsuit against the United States Specialty Sports Association in connection with his injury. Because of that filing, Greg is no longer able to play baseball.

Some background: Two years ago, Daniel Bozinovich said he fell off the bleachers, which he said did not have safety railings, during a USSSA-sanctioned event at a Phoenix-area sports park. In the fall, he suffered a spine injury that has kept him from working.

To recover damages, Daniel Bozinovich filed suit November 13. At the end of November, USSSA state directors sent an email to the family, saying they had been suspended from USSSA activities for a year for what the organization called “unsportsmanlike behavior for actions on November 13.”

The email also said the family would be banned for life, if the case moved forward.

That means 12-year-old Greg cannot participate in USSSA activities, and since the USSSA organization underwrites insurance for many leagues and tournaments, that keeps Greg on the sidelines for many tournaments.

A USSSA document does state that any participant “who threatens in writing a legal action against USSSA … shall be automatically suspended from all USSSA activities until such threatened legal actions or legal disagreements are resolved to the satisfaction of the USSSA Board of Directors.”

So what are your thoughts? The organization is looking to protect itself, but at what cost? You can read the full article here:

Why do facility owners/operators require insurance?

January 5, 2012

If you sell or produce sports events you must address the need for the event to have its own insurance and to make sure that insurance adds the facility as an additional insured! There is no reasonable way to expect the facility to take the risk of an incident free event. It is equally unreasonable to expect them to carry all coverage necessary on their own policy.

What you should expect is to sign a contract requiring the event to carry its own insurance. The coverage must be drafted by risk managers to meet minimum standards. Normally this includes specific types of policies, minimum limits of coverage, and special endorsements like “additional insured” status for the premises owner.

Please do not make promises to an event owner without insuring yourself by following these procedures.

You can learn everything else you need to know to grow your events by attending the 2012 NASC Sports Event Symposium in Hartford, CT April 16-19.

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Well-Designed Insurance Programs Are A Must For Your Events

May 31, 2011

Why is it that some people in our industry regard a discussion on insurance as something similar to getting a root canal? With apologies to the dental profession, root canals are no fun. But, in our industry, insurance is extraordinarily important…so much so that I cannot accept hearing a member say “I have nothing to do with our insurance.”

That may be true in terms of your job description, but your daily actions lead directly to the need for coverage for your employer and those with whom you hope to work.

In truth we must all be concerned. We should not be selling events to cities, cities should not be selling themselves as destinations, and our organizations themselves cannot exist without a fully thought through and designed insurance program and companion risk prevention program.

The NASC is very happy to be able to announce the launch of the NASC Insurance Program.

If you will go to the home page of our web site and click on the NASC Insurance Program button on the top left, you will discover what has just been launched. In cooperation with Rand Sports & Entertainment Insurance this program is now up and running.

Please make note of the fact that programs are available for:

  • General liability, accident and inland marine insurance
  • Sports teams and leagues
  • Youth baseball
  • Sports tournaments and events
  • Sports camps and clinics
  • Short-term special events
  • Vendors and exhibitors

If you are a bid city, event owner, or supplier one or more of these programs is perfect for you!

Many members assist local tournaments. These tournaments can now be covered! You have a very concrete service to offer them!

Event owners: there is an entire range of coverage available to you and your member clubs, organizations, and teams.

Active members: you can now purchase just about anything you need to protect yourselves and your events.

Check it out!!


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