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Tackling the issue of sportsmanship

September 8, 2015

We know they take their football seriously in Texas, but this is over the top.

You probably have seen the video of the football game between two San Antonio-area high schools, John Jay High and Marble Falls, where a backfield referee was blindsided from behind by one John Jay player, then speared by a second as he was still down.

No surprise, both players were thrown out of the game, and both are suspended from the team pending the investigation.

What triggered all of this? Again, the investigation is still under way, but a couple of plays earlier, the team’s quarterback, who also plays defense, was ejected from the game while on defense. A fourth John Jay player had been tossed out earlier in the game.

When you watch the video, it seems obvious that the first player who runs into the back of the referee had the move planned. It wasn’t an accidental collision, the player aimed for the ref. So, it looks like, did the second player.

Of course, the investigation will tell more of the story. But it may never tell us what got into the heads of these athletes to even think that crushing a referee would be acceptable behavior. Sure, they may have been upset that their teammates had been thrown out of the game, but leveling a referee is hardly the way to settle the issue.

The larger issue is, why haven’t the lessons of fair play, respecting authority and following rules been taught? It’s easy sometimes to blame the kids. Maybe it’s time to put the microscope on the adults in charge who know better. Or should.


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